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In simple terms, Domain names are names for your website; it is an identity that works as an internet address. Websites are accessed via domain names, which are the Internet addresses.

In computing, domain names are names assigned to IP addresses made up of a series of numbers. IP addresses refer to a set of numbers. That’s why domain names are introduced to make it easier to remember a name instead of a long string of numbers. And these domain names are always unique since there can be no two identical websites.

Domain names can vary in length and can use any combinations of letters and numbers along with domain extensions, such as .com, .net, .org, .edu, and many more.

Registration of a domain name is required before it can be used. You will be the only one whose website is displayed if someone types into the address bar.

The last part of a domain name is the extension. Domain extensions are the notations at the end of web addresses that designate an Internet category or a country location. For example, in ‘,’ the domain name extension is .com.


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